Exeunt Android; Enter Ads: An Update on the Sources of Presidential Tweetage

No Trumpian Tweets coming from the Web Client since 25 January this year; no Tweets from Android since 25 March. Tweets from Twitter Ads have made an appearance alternating with Twitter for iPhone Tweets since 31st March. In the 18 days of May so far, the account has tweeted every single day, totalling 90 Tweets until the morning of the 18th of May.

Libraries! Most Frequent Terms in #WLIC2016 Tweets (part IV)

    This is part IV. For necessary context, methodology, limitations, please see here (part 1),  here (part 2), and here (part 3). Since this was published and shared for the first time I may have done new edits. I often come back to posts once they have been published to revise them. --- Throughout … Continue reading Libraries! Most Frequent Terms in #WLIC2016 Tweets (part IV)