Exeunt Android; Enter Ads: An Update on the Sources of Presidential Tweetage


A quick update as something I consider interesting has emerged from the ongoing archiving of the, er, current ‘Trumpian’ tweetage (see a previous post here). In case you do follow this blog you may be aware I’ve been keeping an eye on the ‘source’ of the Tweets, which is information (a metadata field) pertaining to each published Tweet which is made publicly visible by Twitter to anyone through certain applications like TweetDeck and directly through Twitter’s API (for Twitter’s ‘Field Guide’, see this).

Given the diversity of sources detected on the Tweets from the account under scrutiny in the past, hypotheses have been proposed suggesting correlations between type of content and source (application used to post Tweets); others have suggested that it is also indication of different people behind the account (though as we have said previously it is also possible that the same person tweets from different devices and applications).

Anyway, here’s some recent new insights emerging from the data since the last post:

  • Since Inauguration Day (20 January 2017), the last Tweet coming from Twitter for Android so far was timestamped 25/03/2017 10:41 (AM; DC time).  No Tweets from Android have been posted since that Tweet until the time of writing of this.
  • The last Tweet coming from the Twitter Web Client so far was timestamped 25/01/2017  19:03:33. No more Tweets with the Web Client as source have been posted (or collected by my archive) since then.
  • Since Inauguration Day, the Tweet timestamped 31/03/2017  14:30:38 was the first one to come from Twitter Ads. Since then 21 Tweets have been posted from Twitter Ads, the last one so far timestamped 17/05/2017  16:36:02.
  • During April and May 2017 Tweets have only come from Twitter for iPhone or Twitter Ads. The account in question has tweeted every sincle day throughout May until today 18 May 2017, a total of 90 Tweets so far (including a duplicated one in which a typo was corrected). Below a breakdown per source:


from_user Month Source Count
realDonaldTrump May Twitter for iPhone 81
Twitter Ads 9


As a keen Twitter user I personally find it interesting Twitter for Android has stopped being used by the account in question and that Twitter Ads has been used recently (instead?) in alternation with the Tweets from iPhone. Eyeballing the dataset quickly appears to indicate there might be a potential correlation between Tweets with links and official announcements (rather than statements/opinions) and Twitter Ads, but that requires looking into more closely and I will have to leave that for another time.

*Public note to self: I need to get rid of this habit of capitalising ‘Tweets’ as a noun… it becomes annoying.