Two New Articles Published Today: ‘Where Comics and Cultural Heritage Meet’ and ‘Uses of Comics by Mental Health and Social Care Library Users’

Like London buses, two journal articles appeared nearly at the same time. Click away. They are both in glorious full-colour Open Access. Links open in new tabs.

Priego, E. and Scott, S., 2020. Where Comics and Cultural Heritage Meet: A Conversation with Damien Sueur and Yannis Koikas on BDnF: The Comics Factory. The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship, 10(1), p.8. DOI:

Priego, E. and Farthing, A., 2020. Barriers Remain: Perceptions and Uses of Comics by Mental Health and Social Care Library Users. Open Library of Humanities, 6(2), p.4. DOI:

With many thanks to Damien Sueur, Yannis Koikas, Stuart Scott, Peter Wilkins, Anthony Farthing, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, Rose Harris-Birtill, the anonymous peer reviewers and the editorial and production teams of both journals.

I’ll be on leave from next Monday until the 31st of August. I might just sleep…