Comics as COVID-19 Response: Now Deposited ‘Green’ Open Access

Art by Peter Wilkins; Editing by Ernesto Priego (2020)
Art by Peter Wilkins; Editing by Ernesto Priego (2020)


Unfortunately it’s not always possible to publish all of one’s academic work as open access versions of record. In those cases the least one can do in my opinion is ensure one keeps one’s copyright and that the publisher allows legal self-archiving without an embargo. (If in doubt, check before submitting:

My article with Peter Wilkins, “Comics as COVID-19 Response: Visualising the Experience of Video-conferencing with Ageing Relatives” was published on Friday June 12 2020 in the COVID-19 response blog section of ACM Interactions Magazine (see our announcement on this blog here).

We are pleased the article will also be featured in the print version of the magazine in the June-July issue. Once again our gratitude to the editors!

ACM Interactions is published bi-monthly by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the licensing agreement allows for Green Open Access without embargo.

We have deposited the accepted manuscript (adding an abstract to facilitate discovery and archiving) in City Research Online and can be downloaded from

The comic we discussed was published open access on figshare as

Wilkins, Peter; Priego, Ernesto (2020): A Comic Visualising the Experience of Video-conferencing with Aging Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic. City, University of London. Figure.

The published version of the article is online at at

We did explore getting the funding to pay for the Open Access option at the ACM, but since ACM Interactions is not a peer reviewed publication and the cost is far from negligible we decided to be strategic in this instance and save the funds for, hopefully, a future peer-reviewed publication, if need be.

The path towards wider fully-fledged openness in research is a long and convoluted one. It shouldn’t have to be.