The Technology of Storytelling. Audio of my 1999 interview with Will Eisner now online

m-430 micro-cassette tape recorder - will eisner tape

I interviewed Will Eisner about storytelling in Mexico City on 2 May 1999. I have digitised the original tape recording, edited my questions out and uploaded the mp3 file to figshare.

I interviewed Will Eisner (March 6, 1917 – January 3, 2005) on Sunday 2 May 1999 at the Conque Comic Convention in Mexico City.

I recorded the interview using a Sony M-430 microcassette-recorder. Both the tape recorder and the tape were beginning to fail so I digitised the recording as an mp3 file, and edited out my questions (you don’t need them– he says it all).

I have deposited it as an mp3 file on figshare, open access, hoping other comics researchers find it useful, with a Creative Commons – Attribution License:

Priego, Ernesto (2014): “The Technology of Storytelling.” An Interview with Will Eisner. Sunday 2 May 1999, Mexico City. figshare.

For an edited transcription of this interview, see my 2011 HASTAC blog post (3/7/2011).