1:AM London Altmetrics Conference: A #1AMconf Twitter Archive

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I have uploaded a new dataset to figshare:

Priego, Ernesto (2014): 1:AM London Altmetrics Conference: A #1AMconf Twitter Archive .  figshare.

1:AM London, “the 1st Altmetrics Conference: London”, took place 25th—26th September 2014 at the Wellcome Collection, London, UK.

The  file contains a dataset of 4267 Tweets tagged with #1AMconf (case not sensitive). These Tweets were published publicly and tagged with #1AMconf  between Thursday September 18 17:29:56 +0000 2014 and Sunday September 28 16:07:49 +0000 2014.

Only users with at least 2 followers were included in the archive. Retweets have been included. An initial automatic deduplication was performed but data might require further deduplication. The Time column (D) has times in British Summer Time (BST).

Please go to the file cited above for more information.


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