Digital Humanities Summer Institute: #dhsi2014 in Text and Numbers

#dhsi2014 infographic file view on my finder

This is post 2 in a series.

Post 1: An archive

Post 3: Some charts

I have been working analysing some of the data in my #dhsi2014 archive.

I created some charts from the data and then I used some of the findings to create a poster/infographic with some quantitative stuff about the archive.

As usual I have uploaded it to figshare:

 #dhsi2014 in Text and Numbers Infographic Version 3, by Ernesto Priego

Priego, Ernesto (2014): Infographic: #dhsi2014 in Text and Numbers. figshare.

[I made a correction to the infographic on 10 June 2014 so there’s a third and latest version now].

Feel free to download. Please share if you think someone else would be interested.

I am sorry it’s a PDF, but hey. Also, I’m not a graphic designer, so I did what I could. I know it’s mostly all text.

In the next days I will be publishing here some of the charts I created previously to creating the infographic, that will add some more detail to some of the figures.

[Disclaimer because some have been asking me this: I do not work for DHSI! I did not attend this year and have never done so.]

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