Using Scalar for an Open Look-in-Progress into Arts and Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowships in the UK

I have started using Scalar for a new open work-in-progress. I am looking at some public data about Arts and Humanities postdoctoral fellowships in the United Kingdom.

Who gets arts and humanities postdoctoral fellowships in the UK? How much do these fellowships cost? What kind of outputs do they produce? What are the most frequent keywords in award-winning abstracts? What does this tell us about the state of arts and humanities postdoctoral research in the UK? How could PhD students and Early Career Researchers use this data to make educated decisions?

I hope we can start asking some of those questions, and many more, here.

I’m aware I am most-likely misusing the tool, or giving it a very traditional use. I wanted to document my ongoing research on postdoc funding opportunities in the UK openly online and I was debating what was the best way of doing it. I thought I would give Scalar a go, as it is a fascinating platform.

As it is an ongoing work-in-progress (or “look-in-progress” as I’ve also called it) I will aim at keep updating the site and to add new content as soon as I come up with it…