Textal, a UCLDH Text Analysis App, ¡también en Español!


“Textal is a free smartphone app, currently available on iOS, that allows you to analyze websites, tweet streams, and documents, as you explore the relationships between words in the text via an intuitive word cloud interface. You can generate graphs and statics, as well as share the data and visualizations in any way you like. Textal is a fun and useful tool for research and play.”

It was developed by Melissa Terras, Steven Gray and Rudolf Ammann, from the University College London Centre for Digital Humanities.

I did the Spanish translation of the app’s functions, commands and messages; (¡si encuentran errores por favor díganme!). Translating software ‘manually’ (that is, without translation software) is always complicated, not least because some terms that have been accepted in English do not really exist yet in Spanish, or sound odd, or are simply left in Enlgish. Hopefully the Spanish in the app reads well to Spanish-speaking users.

Adeline Koh has written a cool “first look” at Textal for ProfHacker at the Chronicle of Higher Education, here.

If you have an iOS device, give Textal a go!