Week 4: Networks and Participatory Culture. Digital Cultures is running at full steam now. Guests: Tim Causer, Eliza Anyangwe, Martin Eve and Nora McGregor.

Digital Cultures (AMM 421)

The UK might be bracing itself for Arctic conditions and floods but Digital Cultures is running at full steam now. Today Friday 22th March 2013 we’ll have a very exciting set of sessions.

The timetable for today is


  • Crowdsourcing: Engagement, Participation- Tim Causer, Transcribe Bentham, UCL
  • Professional Networks: Community Management, Digital Engagement and Participation – Eliza Anyangwe, Guardian Professional Networks


  • Bridging Media: Grassroots Campaigns, Activist Projects and the Open Library of Humanities -Martin Eve, Lincoln University
  • Digital Scholarship Strategy at the Britsh Library:  Nora McGregor, Librarian/Digital Curator – British Library – Digital Curator at the British Library

As usual any tweets about these sessions please use the hashtag #CityDigiCult.

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