Mechanical Comics #11

One- page comic; 6 panels, two per row. Skiers, dogs, skiers going down a snowy slope, dog looks on.
No 11, 12/12/22, by Ernesto Priego. Reusing Public Domain images from the British Library. This comic reuses a digitised image from page 488 of “[Fram over Polhavet.] In Nacht und Eis. Die Norwegische Polarexpedition, 1893-1896 … Mit einem Beitrag von Kapitän Sverdrup, 207 Abbildungen [including portraits], 8 Chromotafeln und 4 Karten”, by Fridtjof Nansen and Otto Neumann Sverdrup, Leipzig, 1897, British Library 002603737 (physical copy) and 014872431 (digitised copy), Public Domain.