Mechanical Comics #7

One-page comic, 9 panels. Rows: two, two, three, two. Cable cars, a Chinatown alley, a Chinatown shop from outside, a Chinatown restaurant from outside, interior with person cleaning floor, interior with two people showing someone inside, another cleaning the floor, women entering a smoking den, men lying down smoking, two women and a man smoking.
No. 7. 06/12/22, by Ernesto Priego, reusing images from The British Library. This comic reuses 7 digitised images from pages 344, 277, 280, 313, 301, 290, and 288 of “Mysteries and Miseries of America’s Great Cities, embracing New York, Washington City, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and New Orleans … Illustrated with numerous engravings”, by James William Buel, San Francisco, 1883, British Library 000520208 (physical copy) and 014839515 (digitised copy), Public Domain.