A Year On

Para Paty, Natalia y Camilla

"En hierva de primavera nos convertimos"

-Aztec poem, as quoted by Alfonso Caso (1953)

What is time when love and memory are eternal?
Pages on the kitchen's calendar; 
the flickering of dates on screens.

It is all about "having the courage to continue",
as I remember the poet & the thinker talk about,
discuss distance as bodies in spirits, over the line.

There is no final deadline for grief , 
no interruption of the ongoing downloads of remembrance.
You live on, every day, in hearts & minds, and it is true.

A year on one does need to mark the moment,
but it is not like the continuum is not still here,
carrying on, as presence, as a way of being.

What is time if not the constant current of becoming,
constellations of a million instants taking turns to shine.
We grow each season, again & undeterred.

The wisdom of nature takes time to sink in.
The soil breaks; it must be painful too. And newness grows.
The seeds are everywhere.