53. La tabla

53. La tabla. Imagen ® Novedades Montecarlo S.A.
Imagen ® Novedades Montecarlo S.A.
Overlapping worlds:
this is the cosmos

the board is embroidered
with and tells its story.

All the board's a stage,
the deer our little brother.

In Easter, blood-red flowers grow 
in the desert of our penance.

Starving for sky and sunshine,
the poet covered himself with ashes.

The Elders, wise, know the Yoemem 
have this power others can't explain.

The threads of history and kinship
are knitted forever 

          on this board 
                        which is a door:

The board is embroidered
and opens up a story

         of worlds in danger
                         worlds in war

the deer comes from the wilderness,
enchanted. The deer dances, dances, 

dances in the flower world. 
Our spirits will fly like birds.