Discussing Inclusivity in Scholarly Publishing within the Open Library of Humanities Editors Workshop, Wednesday 27th October 2021, 2-5pm (UK time)

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This year’s International Open Access Week runs from 25th – 31st October 2021, and the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) has organised an OLH Editors Workshop.

It will take place on Wednesday 27th October 2021 from 2-5pm (UK time). This half-day online event aims to bring together OLH journals and their staff as part of the wider open access community. 

About the event 

During the event we will learn more about how the OLH works, meet the team and our fellow journal editors, and share best practice in our open access workshops on inclusivity in scholarly publishing and digital editing, with guest speakers from our OLH journal community. 

We will discuss how to build editorial practices that uphold an alternative model of scholarly publishing – more inclusive, more open, more sustainable and less profit-driven, and with high standards of excellence. In line with the OLH’s commitment to collectivity, they have invited all OLH journal editors and their teams to join us to collectively share our achievements, experiences and plans in open access. 

I will be presenting in the first workshop, titled “Workshop 1: Inclusivity in Scholarly Publishing” from 3.30pm. My own presentation is titled ‘Diversity and Inclusion in Comics Studies: The Role of Open Access’, drawing from our experience at The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship.

How to book your place

Places are free, and are open to OLH journal editors, editorial teams and their associated staff.  If you have contributed to the The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship as part of the editorial team or even as a reviewer feel free to contact me and I will share the booking details.

If you need more info you can contact the OLH directly on Twitter @openlibhums.