New article: Searching for a Common Ancestry: Linguistic and Biological Analogies in Comic Art

Lee, Stan (w) and Ditko, Steve (p). Panel from Amazing Spider-Man #33. 1966: 3:1. New York: Marvel Comics, Feb. 1966. © Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

I am very excited to announce that an article coauthored with evolutionary biologist Dr Ricardo González Trujillo is now out.

Gonzalez-Trujillo R. & Priego E., (2021) “Searching for a Common Ancestry: Linguistic and Biological Analogies in Comic Art”, The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship 11(1). doi:

The collaborative work that resulted on this note started many years ago, across decades, borders, disciplines and languages.

This was a work in progress for years and we are very pleased we managed to complete a draft this year and to do the required revisions (all collaboratively between Mexico and the UK) relatively quickly.

Muchas gracias Ricardo, and many thanks to the Grid’s editorial team.

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