The Lockdown Chronicles: After-effects

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Panel 2: Photo: Getty Images. BBC News. 18 March 2021. Available at Government response. UK regulator confirms that people should continue to receive the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca. 18 March 2021. Available at

Panel 3: Photo of poster at vaccination centre by Ernesto Priego. Denis Campbell Jessica Elgotand Dan Sabbagh. The Guardian, 17 March 2021 18.20 GMT Covid vaccines for England’s under-50s delayed due to shortage. Available at

Panel 4: Photo of wheelchair, public domain png. Frances Ryan, The Guardian, 21 March 2021 13.12 GMT. Some housebound people in UK are yet to be given Covid vaccine. Available at .

Panel 5: Photo: Yves Herman/Reuters. Michael Savage, The Observer, 20 March 2021 16.00 GMT. UK’s drastic cut to overseas aid risks future pandemics, say Sage experts. Available at

Panel 6: BBC News. 27 March 2021. Slight Covid uptick in older school children in England. Available at BBC News. 27 March 2021. Slight Covid uptick in older school children in England. Available at New Scientist, 26 March 2021, Covid-19 news: UK scientists warn cases are rising in children Available at

Panel 7: Robin McKie, The Observer, 21 March 2021 10.30 GMT Covid: why has the fall in UK infection rate stalled despite vaccinations? Available at

Panel 8: Image from daily cases data chart,

Panel 9: Photo of Mexican news TV broadcast by Rodrigo Priego. BBC News, 28 March 2021. Covid-19: Mexico revises coronavirus death toll up by 60%. Available at

Panel 10: El País, 27 March 2021 – 19:40 CET Fotos: Aglomeraciones y largas filas de viajeros en el aeropuerto de Ciudad de México en vísperas de la Semana Santa

Panel 11: Photo: The swimmers return to the outdoor lido in Hillingdon. Photograph: David Levene/ The Guardian. Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian, 28 March 2021 22.30 BST. Johnson urges caution as England takes first big step out of lockdown. Available at

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