The Lockdown Chronicles Year 2: Titanic

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Panel 1: Titanic at Southampton docks, prior to departure, photographer unknown, 10 April 1912, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Panel 2: The Iceberg that Sank Titanic, photo by Bernice Palmer, 1912, National Museum of American History 1986.0173.33.

Panel 3: the iceberg which was probably rammed by the RMS Titanic, photo by Stephan Rehorek, 15 April 1912, via Wikimedia Commons.

Chart in panel 4 from UK Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) daily deaths data, last updated on Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 04:00pm, reused under the Open Government Licence v3.0. Source:

This comic strip was published on Thursday 14 January 2021 PM GMT. Excepting any third-party material this comic strip is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA


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