Another Time: On Real Time Listening and the Experience of Lockdown

another time sr priego session flier

Being housebound during most of 2020 because of the pandemic, I  found renewed joy in my record collection and specifically in having dedicated sessions of attentive music listening.

Working from home (and particularly living and working in a relatively small shared space without much opportunity for different routines and inputs) playing and listening to my records has provided a much-welcome alternative physical and mental space.

Recording some of these listening sessions (that I have called, like many other DJs and musicians, ‘lockdown sessions’) has added a reflective, performative element to the activity, and have also inspired me to create images to accompany the recordings and share them on social media as part of my music podcast series. Last year I recorded and shared 30 lockdown sessions. You can read a previous reflection I wrote listening to and recording music on vinyl here.

My first session of this year is now available to listen, as usual, on Mixcloud. This session includes new and older tracks from records I had on heavy rotation during 2020. As it’s my practice it was recorded in one go with two turntables and a mixer, and it is meant to be listened to in the same way it was made, in one go. Headphones are recommended.