Time Machine: Where I discussed Mexican comic books with Greg Gransden in 2002

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. (Ah, yoof!)….

I was interviewed by Gregory Gransden on Mexican Comic Books for his 2002 Historietas documentary. Shared with Greg’s kind permission. I don’t share this without some embarrassment, but hey, it bears witness of what we were up to in the early days of the millennium, and proves in a way my interest in comics is not necessarily “new”… ;-)

By the way, this clip is from the time Jessica Abel was living in Mexico City and working on La Perdida. And ‘me’ (or a character based in me) and that same t-shirt I have on the video feature in the graphic novel too…

That's me in a panel from Jessica Abel's graphic novel La Perdida (2001-2006)
That’s me in a panel from Jessica Abel’s graphic novel La Perdida (2001-2006)