Face Masks

Mask XIV, © John Stezaker - Tate
Mask XIV, © John Stezaker. Low resolution image file licensed by Tate Images under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unreported) License.


The question these mornings of birdsong

to wear a mask or not

working from home:

intimacy inside out

like a glove

after this- will we all go back

without pretending

there’s no life back home

the commute as space travel

the atmosphere of the real left behind

no crying children, no flushing toilets,

no hammering next door

no washing up, no clothes drying

will we keep using virtual backgrounds

last year’s hols behind the blue screen

of yet another online meeting,

or maybe that poor chap’s dancing kids and

hurrying stressed-out wife

(the office worker has no clothes)

zoom in, skype me, hang out

make believe, do something else

mute the mic, camera off

what masks we are used to wearing

when the disease is something else