The Strangest Secret: A Great 78s Mix

The Great 78 Project by the Internet Archive is a community project for the preservation, research and discovery of 78rpm records.

I think it is one of the most amazing digital humanities projects out there today. As a material culture researcher and music collector I have enjoyed the collections very much. I decided to make a quick mix with some of my favourite tunes. This was the music of my grandparents and parents, the music I listened to growing up and an important part of my cultural identity.

As indicated on the project’s web pages, copyrights that may exist in these materials have not been transferred to the Internet Archive. Logically I do not own the copyright of the recordings used in this mix/playlist; it has been shared for artistic, preservation and educational use only and obviously no copyright infringement has not been intended.

In my mix I looped some samples from the recordings and modified the equalization slightly. I hope this does not annoy those who with all reason have a lot of love and respect for this music. All my gratitude to George Blood, Jessica Thompson, Bob George, Brewster Kahle and everyone else involved in this amazing project for sharing these cultural treasures.