HCID Friday Seminar: Graphic Medicine – Using Comics Within the Mental Health Domain

‘No wonder my back hurts’ (Barker, M. 2013: 34). © Meg-John Barker 2013.
‘No wonder my back hurts’ (Barker, M. 2013: 34).       © Meg-John Barker 2013.

Tomorrow 20th January 2017, I will present within the Friday Seminar Series at the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design at City, University of London.

The title of my talk is “Graphic Medicine: Using Comics as a Mental Health Information Resource”.

The seminar will be held in AG08, College Building, from 1pm – 2pm. [map]

All welcome. Bring your lunch!

 “Graphic Medicine – Using Comics Within the Mental Health Domain”

Recent literature suggests that a growing number of comics are being published on health-related topics, including aspects of mental health and social care (Williams 2012; Czerwiec et al 2015; Priego and Farthing 2016; King 2016) and that comics are increasingly being used in higher education settings as information resources. The term ‘Graphic Medicine’ denotes ‘the role that comics can play in the study and delivery of healthcare’ (Green and Myers 2010: 577; Williams (no date)).

Fairly recently, more researchers have also turned to comics creation to disseminate research findings (Priego 2016). These researchers argue that comics (print and/or online publications) can lead to a wider adoption of research and enhance educational practices, widen public engagement, and improve the possibilities for research to influence public policy. The seminar will introduce the key terminology and methodologies employed and will discuss insights from qualitative analysis of data collected from comics creators and disseminators involved in the creation and dissemination of ‘Graphic Medicine’ (Farthing & Priego 2016).

In order to contextualize this exploration of ‘Graphic Medicine’, the seminar will also provide an introduction to non-fiction comics research, and conclude with reflections on what the study and use of comics can contribute to Medical Humanities and Human Computer Interaction Design research within the mental health domain.

Hope to see some of you there!

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