#MLA15 Twitter Archive, 8-11 January 2015

130th MLA Annual Convention Vancouver, 8–11 January 2015

#MLA15 is the hashtag which corresponded to the 2015 Modern Language Association Annual Convention. The Convention was held in Vancouver from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 January 2015.

We have uploaded a dataset as a .xlsx file including data from Tweets publicly published with #mla15:

Priego, Ernesto; Zarate, Chris (2015): #MLA15 Twitter Archive, 8-11 January 2015. figshare.

The dataset includes Tweets posted during the actual convention with #mla15: the set starts with a Tweet from Thursday 08/01/2015 00:02:53 Pacific Time and ends with a Tweet from Sunday 11/01/2015 23:59:58 Pacific Time.

The total number of Tweets in this dataset sums 23,609 Tweets. Only Tweets from users with at least two followers were collected.

A combination of Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheets (Martin Hawksey’s TAGS 6.0; available at https://tags.hawksey.info/ ) was used to harvest this collection. OpenRefine (http://openrefine.org/) was used for deduplicating the data.

Please note the data in the file is likely to require further refining and even deduplication. The data is shared as is. The dataset is shared to encourage open research into scholarly activity on Twitter. If you use or refer to this data in any way please cite and link back using the citation information above.

For the #MLA14 datasets, please go to
Priego, Ernesto; Zarate, Chris (2014): #MLA14 Twitter Archive, 9-12 January 2014. figshare.