A 2014 Numeralia

Here an attempt to visualise what I was up to in 2014 publishing, research and teaching engagement wise. I have focused first on how many blog posts I published on this blog per month, how many blog posts I edited and/or authored for the Comics Grid blog, how many outputs I shared on figshare and finally a general numeralia of some main categories of my 2014 activity.

This post is not meant to contribute to heighten already-pervasive anxieties of academic productivity (I’m fully aware most of this activity does not ‘count’ for many anyway), but merely as a humble, personal yet public exercise of reminding myself of the work I’ve done. You can click on the charts to enlarge them.

Happy new year everyone! See you in 2015!

Blog Posts per Month in 2014

Blog Posts per Month in 2014 comicsgrid

Figshare Uploads per Month in 2014

Ernesto Priego Selected Numeralia from 2014