It is a question of the sky.
That moment in the morning when grey
gives in to the brightness of blue
and white and green and red,
and the birds sing hosannah! allelujah!
hail the coming of the light!

Rejoicing is a question of letting yourself go.
Accept the movement and the flowing of all things,
from light to darkness, and after infinite periods
of boredom, sadness or stress, back to light again;
it is really a question of looking out.

There is absurdity in humour,
but laughter is a faculty and a skill.
One must train the body, the spirit and the mind.
Be joyful, sing for joy, take a leap:
it’s the Te Deum the birds sing, and it’s not cold.

It’s another day shining upon you;
abandon yourself to revelling, for there is light today.