A #Transitions5, #ComicsForum14 and #ICAF14 Archive

Figshare archive screenshot

I have created and uploaded a file that contains three archives of Tweets corresponding to the #Transitions5, #ComicsForum14 and #ICAF14 hashtags (case not sensitive).

 I created and shared this file on figshare with a Creative Commons- Attribution license (CC-BY) for academic research and educational use.

The three archives contain 2173 Tweets published publicly and tagged with #Transitions5, #ComicsForum14 and #ICAF14.

It can be accessed and downloaded at

Priego, Ernesto (2014): A #Transitions5, #ComicsForum14 and #ICAF14 Archive. figshare.


The Tweets contained in the file were collected using Martin Hawksey’s TAGS 5.1 and TAGS 6.0

I also included some quick comparative insights from the three archives (Summary sheet).

More information included in the file itself.

As usual please note the data in this file is likely to require further refining and even deduplication. The data reflects the methods and periods of collection and is shared as is.

This dataset is shared to encourage open research into scholarly activity on Twitter.  If you use or refer to this data in any way please cite and link back using the citation information above.