#scholarAfrica: Hello, Nairobi

A view of the Nairobi skyline CC-BY Ernesto Priego
A view of the Nairobi skyline

I am in Nairobi for the Promoting Discoverability of African Scholarship workshop organised by the OpenUCT Initiative in collaboration with the Carnegie Corporation of New York. I am very grateful to Michelle Willmers, the Carnegie Corporation and everyone at UCT for inviting me to participate.

The speaker line-up includes:

Bruce Becker (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, UbuntuNet Alliance, CHAIN-REDS, South Africa and Italy)

Michelle Willmers (OpenUCT, Cape Town)

Tezira Lore (International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi)

Firoze Manji (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, Senegal)

Kaitlin Thaney (Director, Mozilla Science Lab, New York)

It is a real privilege to be here. As a Mexican and Latin American I cannot but verify the close connection we have with African cultures in general and in specific with the challenges and opportunities in terms of academic dissemination, discoverability and recognition. The kinship is both moving and inspiring, and for me a reminder of how much remains to be done to bring that relationship to the fore and learn more from each other.

Kaitlin Thaney (Director, Mozilla Science Lab, New York), who is here to present at the workshop as well,  has written a post you should read, here.
If you are interested in the kind of apporach we’ll be taking the following resources may be of interest:

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