New Article: Opening Teaching Landscapes

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This is not so much ‘news’ anymore but I hadn’t found the time to post about it here.

I collaborated with Javiera Atenas (UCL) and Leo Havemann (Birkbeck) in an article now out on Open Praxis,  a peer-reviewed open access scholarly journal focusing on research and innovation in open, distance and flexible education. It is published by the International Council for Open and Distance Education – ICDE.

Atenas, J., Havemann, L., & Priego, E. (2014). Opening teaching landscapes: The importance of quality assurance in the delivery of open educational resources. Open Praxis, 6(1), 29-43. doi:10.5944/openpraxis.6.1.81


Scholars are increasingly being asked to share teaching materials, publish in open access journals, network in social media, and reuse open educational resources (OER). The theoretical benefits of Open Educational Practices (OEP) have become understood in the academic community but thus far, the use of OER has not been rapidly adopted. We aim to understand the challenges academics face with in attempting to adopt OEP, and identify whether these are related to or stem from the functionalities afforded by current repositories of OER (ROER). By understanding what academics and experts consider good practices, we can develop guidelines for quality in the development of ROER. In this article we present the findings from a study surveying academics using OER and experts who develop and/or work with ROER. We conclude by suggesting a framework to enhance the development and quality of ROER.


Open Educational Resources; Repositories; Quality Assurance; Open Educational Practices

One of the joys of Open Access and CC-BY licensing is that we as authors have the freedom to distribute our the version of record of our article through multiple channels whilst having a unique identifier for the journal article.

Javiera, Leo and I have been working together on more ongoing research that will hopefully see the light of open access day sooner than later ;-). They are awesome collaborators and it is an honour to be working with them.

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Javiera Atenas, Leo Havemann, & Ernesto Priego (2014). Opening teaching landscapes: The importance of quality assurance in the delivery of open educational resources Open Praxis, 6 (1), 29-43 :