On Weeks 3 and 4; Easter Break; The Future*

A quick post at the Digital Cultures blog on Weeks 3 and 4, with some photos of our superstar guest lecturers.

Digital Cultures (AMM 421)

It’s been quite a journey: it makes sense that given that we have been discussing the implications of using digital media everything has passed so fast and at the same time it’s been quite labour-intensive.

The materials we have collected on Moodle are a good indicator of the intensity and complexity of the questions we have been working on, and a quick look at the links we have collected under the #CityDigiCult hashtag on Twitter gives us back a plethora of work to consider.

On Week 3 I really enjoyed how we went from Sabrina Francis’ presentation on social media strategy at City University London to historical and theoretical questions of collaboration and authorship in art in Blaise Cronin’s guest lecture.

In Spyridon Georgadis’ talk we also had the opportunity to find out how the British Council  engages with its audience via social media, how to deal with some of…

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