Tomorrow: Social and Collaborative Practices, Authorship and Engagement Strategies

We go into week 3 of our Digital Cultures module at City University London…

Digital Cultures (AMM 421)

For Week 3 of our Digital Cultures Module we’ll have an exciting day covering different aspects of digital strategies, including social media engagement and collaborative practices.

To start the day Sabrina Francis, social media officer at City University, will talk with us about her role and the social media strategy at City.

From 11:30am we will have a guest lecture by Professor Blaise Cronin (Indiana University) titled “How Collaborative Practices are Changing our Conception of Authorship”. Check Moodle for room information and the abstract for this lecture.

In the afternoon session Spyridon Georgiadis from the British Council will talk about the social media strategy at the British Council, and we will then round up with an exploration of how blogging and different platforms can be integrated in digital marketing strategies for wider public impact.

Please check our Moodle for all the relevant links. Also don’t forget to check our #CityDigiCult

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