This post on the external blog I set up for the Digital Cultures module I am leading with Lyn Robinson at City University London is my personal view on how things went during the first day.

Digital Cultures (AMM 421)

Digital Cultures Week 1I thought I would very briefly sum up what happened during the first two sessions (morning and afternoon, 1st March 2013) of our Digital Cultures module, from a personal point of view.

In the morning session I introduced some of the key issues that will frame the rest of the module. Through some practical (and I should even say also ‘tangible’) examples I tried to set out the landscape so to speak of what came before ‘digital cultures’, what ‘culture(s)’ means and how different media, artistic processes and artworks and people have related to and interconnected with each other.

We briefly referred to definitions of digital, digitisation, culture, cultural heritage and digital heritage, and also referred to some key terms in digital cultures debates. I can appreciate time and concentration will be needed to explore some of the more complex theoretical approaches. I would like to encourage students to revise…

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