Under Construction

So I have finally started creating an online room of my own. I have, of course, several blogs scattered all over the web. I started blogging in 2001, and since then I have had many blogs of my own and have participated in a number of other blogs and online projects.

The intention is to have a ‘proper’ home page that can work as a general headquarters for my work and online activity. Building this has meant forcing myself to give some coherence to the way I perceive myself. I would rather prefer that I contain multitudes, but this will hopefully become a good place to start exploring, again, who I am and who I want to be.

As I write this I still have to complete some sections so this is still a work in progress. It is live now, though, so someone might find it before it’s “ready”, who knows. On the other hand, this is a blog, so it will always-already be a work in progress…