Music (Encore)

A record collection comes to life
when it is played to others.
DJing brings forth
the obvious interconnectedness of–
apparently unrelated music genres
and traditions,
the effect of a DJ set on
the atmosphere of a place
(not just a shuffling iPod or a CD playing)
cannot be (just cannot be) understated.
People do notice,
if the music is right
the place and the mood
they do appreciate it
Music, they say,
can make people happy
Even the saddest or most meditative music
can make people very happy.
Open-minded people are secure,
patient and respectful
After all these years jazz
that jazz
remains difficult for most people–
but jazz opens doors
Dear bar manager,
never tell the DJ playing
A Love Supreme
the music is “too jazzy”. Never–
but darling beware of playing the new Gotan very loud:
the bass on that album is a chest-breaker
England has a love affair with Brazil
It sounds corny because it’s true: music is
love, England likes its irony. Sometimes irony is a form of flattery.
DJing should be a dialogue, not unidirectional speech
it’s not you, it’s them,
those masters (at work) are geniuses:
Jazz is the door to all doors.
But I have said that already, haven’t I
DJing in a half-lit bar is a form of happiness