Lectures and Presentations

Recent Lectures and Conference Presentations


“Las humanidades digitales como espacios para la disidencia cognitiva.” Monday 18 June 2012. Facultad de Humanidades, Universidad Autónoma de México Campus Azcapotzalco, Mexico.

“The Silence of Mexican Comics: Representation, Identity and Collective Memory”. Para leer a América Latina: Comics, Graphic Novels and Collective Memory. Thursday 1 March 2012. Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London.

Keynote speaker, “Comics and Digital Humanities”, Cradled in Caricature Symposium 2012, Friday 27 April 2012, University of Kent, Canterbury.


“Back to the Source: The Importance of Guidelines for Citation of Comic Art in the Digital Age”. Materiality and Virtuality. A Conference on Comics. Friday 18 November 2011, Leeds Art Gallery.

“Humanities 2.0: Blogging for Teaching and Research”, keynote lecture, Thursday 29 October 2011. School of Humanities, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City.

“The Comics Grid: Collaboration, Scholarship, Dissemination”, London Design Festival 2011, “Whatever is to become of books?, Saturday 17 September,  University College London.

“Horizons of Interpretation in Philosophy”/”Horizontes de interpretación en filosofía”. Poster presentation for Digital Humanities 2011. With Leticia Flores Farfán, Rafael Gómez Choreño, Daniel Zavala and Ernesto Priani. Monday 20 June, 2011, Stanford University, USA.

‘Re-mapping the Total Library: An End-User Comparative Critique of the Biblioteca Digital Mexicana and the World Digital Library’. (With Ernesto Priani). International Conference on Latin American Cybercultural Studies, 21 May 2011, University of Liverpool.

“Before & Beyond [Adobe] Flash: Hans Bordahl’s and David Farley’s Online Comics as Short Digital Narratives”. 24 May 2011. Flash Symposium. Birkbeck College, University of London.

“Comic Book Markup Language: Challenges and Opportunities”.  London Seminar in Digital Text and Scholarship 2010-11, 13 January 2011, Senate House, University of London.


“Lost in Translation: Autobiography, Bilingualism, Translation, Multiculturalism and Identity Politics in Jessica Abel’s La Perdida.” Women in Comics II, Thought Bubble Balloon Academic Conference; Thursday 18 November 2010; Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds.

“21st Century Comics: Comics as Migrant Art.” Firday 5 November 2010; Comica Symposium 2010

Transitions: New Directions in Comics Studies; School of Arts, Birkbeck, University of London.

“Floppy Paper Things With Staples’: Comics and Materiality in the Digital Age.” Wednesday 14 April 2010; Comics: Cultures & Genres Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University.

“The Tell-Tale of Burning Paper: Traditional and Digital Archival Research in Comics Scholarship”, Thursday 6 May 2010; Exploring the Archive in the Digital Age Conference, King’s College London.

“In Search of the Lost Aura: Comics, Commodity and Materiality in the Digital Age,” Monday 21 May, Contemporary Comics Symposium, University of Copenhagen.

“Documents of Barbarism: Saving the Comic Book as Symbolic Object”, Friday, 4 June 2010,

“Yesterday’s Objects: The Death and Afterlife of Everyday Things” Autopsies Research Group Study Day, University College London.

‘“The Harlot’s Progress”: Bell’s Life in London and the Birth of the British Comic Strip’. Monday 5 July 2010. “London Lives, 1690-1800 A one day unconference to mark the completion of the London Lives website”, University of Hertfordshire-

Participation on Comic Book Mark-up Language at THATCamp London, Digital Humanities Conference 2010, Tuesday 6 July 2010, King’s College London.


“Try to Get that Kindle Signed: The Comic Book as Cultural Interface,” Friday 13 November 2009,  Computers and the History of Art 25th Conference, “Object and Identity in a Digital Age”, Birkbeck College, London.

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