Blogging and Journalism

I contribute to several online and print publications. The places where you can usually find me are:

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Selected Recent Online Publications

I try to keep this list updated but it might not be at the time of your visit. Please also see Most Recent Publications.

“‘Altmetrics’: quality of engagement matters as much as retweets.” Guardian Higher Education Network, Friday 24 August 2012, <>.

“Comics Scholarship in the Digital Age: Towards Media-Specific Research”, The Arts Pages, Friday 24 August 2012, <>.

“Comics versus Art: Interview with Bart Beaty. The Comics Grid. Journal of Comics Scholarship, Thursday 23 August 2012, <>.

“#RedHD: Interview with Elika Ortega.” 4Humanities, 10 June 2012, <>.

“#RedHD: Interview with Isabel Galina.” 4Humanities, 6 May 2012, <>.

“Globalisation of Digital Humanities: An Uneven Promise”. Inside Higher Education,  26 January 2012, <>.

“Blue Demon: You Can’t Kill a Vampire’. The Gothic Imagination, University of Stirling, 06 January 2012, <>.

“How Twitter will revolutionise academic research and teaching”, Guardian Higher Education Network, 12 September 2011, <>.  [This was “the biggest blog of 2011” on the Guardian Higher Education Network].

“Father Roberto Busa: one academic’s impact on HE and my career”, Guardian Higher Education Network, 12 August 2011, <>.

“Networking Research as Paradigm Shift: Opening the Door”, Networked Researcher, 26 July 2011, <>.

“#Alt-Academy: An Interview with Bethany Nowviskie”, Inside Higher Education, 24 July 2011,<>.

“Nonny de la Peña on “Gone Gitmo,” Stroome and the future of interactive storytelling”, Nieman Storyboard, 3 January 2011, <>.

“[Micro]Blogging ’10: Notes on the Courage to Write and the End of Trust”, HASTAC, 15 December 2010, <>.

“Your Brain on Computers: Some Notes on Twitter as an Open Research Community”, HASTAC, 29 November 2010, <>.